Open position as chef/manager (Norwegian version here)

Do you have experience from cooking, running a café or a pub or a guest harbor? Do you dream of a slightly different life? Then come and live in a fantastic archipelago, far away from the stress and hustle of city life, in an adventure of a local community! Sounds good? Then read on, because Værlandet Kafé and Gjestehamn (Værlandet Cafe and Guest Harbor) needs a chef/manager! 

Værlandet is part of a beautiful archipelago of the coast of Sunnfjord in former Sogn and Fjordane County. When you are in Værlandet you feel like you are caught in the middle between the sky and the sea. And you have the famous sea cliff Alden as a neighbor. We claim without shame that the nature here is some of the most beautiful Norway can offer. For that reason, we get more and more guests, and therefore we are now looking for a daily manager/chef. 

Do you thrive in open landscapes, with a wide horizon?  

If you prefer nightlife, shopping and busy city streets, then this is hardly the job for you. If you would rather experience fantastic nature, Værlandet’s distinctive landscape, the sea, the wide horizon, weather at its best and worst, sunsets you will never forget, kayaking in the «Venice of the North», Bulandet and Værlandet, and a local community where time takes on a different meaning than in big cities – then we need you! 

Become part of a vibrant, social community 

If you come here to live, you earn the following bragging rights: You live in the westernmost settled community in Norway, which consists of over 365 islands, and a total of around 460 people. Here we enjoy a life close to nature: The people live mainly from fishing and fish processing, salmon farming, fishing net assembly, tourism and other services. There are many available jobs out here, waiting for enterprising people, so if you have your family with you, it is possible to find a partner job as well.  

Our community is social, active, “warm hearted” and we welcome new people.  

We can also assist you in finding housing.  

Værlandet Kafé and Gjestehamn (Værlandet Cafe and Guest Harbor) 

Værlandet Kafé and Gjestehamn consists of an café/pub with food service, all rights in the bar and seating for 60 guests, a guest harbor and sanitary facilities for visitors. We are lucky enough to be able to harvest the world’s best raw materials from the sea, which lies a super short stone’s throw from your workplace. Your job will be to turn these fantastic, briefly traveled, ingredients into delicious food for guests. 


If you find this job opportunity exciting, then “fish” out your phone and call Freddy Ulltang on telephone (+47) 948 73 407, for a non-committal conversation. 

You can also send an email to 

Job description  

Chef /manager at Værlandet Kafé and Gjestehamn, with responsibility for cooking and the daily operation of the facility. The job requires control of the economical part, as well as reception work for the guest harbor. There may also be administrative tasks in regard to Værlandet Havhotell.  (Værlandet Sea Hotel) 

Your role will be more defined in interaction with the owners and adapted to the wishes and needs of the right person. You will work closely with active owners, who will assist you if needed. At the same time, you will enjoy great freedom to operate as you wish and develop Værlandet Kafé and Gjestehamn into an even more attractive destination for residents, boaters and road guests. 


  • Administrative and practical operation of café/restaurant/pub and guest harbor. 
  • Ordering goods 
  • Planning of menus, cooking and other related tasks. 
  • Planning of events and managing the pub 
  • Reception for the guest harbor 
  • Maintenance 
  • Possible reception function for Værlandet Havhotell. 
  • Duty lists/staffing  


  • You are enterprising, positive, independent, and service-minded 
  • Has experience in cooking and running a café/restaurant/pub 
  • Has decent financial control 
  • Enjoys varied working days 
  • Wants to be involved in developing your own workplace 

We offer: 

  • Competitive salary 
  • Training 
  • Active owners who will assist you with practical help if needed 
  • Great freedom to shape Værlandet Kafé and Gjestehamn, and develop it into an even more attractive destination for permanent residents, boaters and road users 
  • We can be helpful in obtaining housing out here, if need be 
  • Varied work tasks 
  • Opportunity for seasonal work if desired. Main season from May to September, otherwise flexible solutions can be arranged 
  • We have a car available 
  • We have an accounting office that takes care of accounting